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to the website of the first English-Hungarian bilingual Montessori nursery in Újpest!

After opening our kindergarten loads of parents asked me to register their nursery-aged children as soon as possible, but it was only for children from the age of 3. That inspired the idea to extend the kindergarten and run it as a nursery, as well. What I had it in mind was to offer a program I believe in and could see its effects on many children, including my own daughter.

Please see and adopt the Montessori program, which we have adapted and refined to suit the nursery-aged group.

"The parent is the first teacher of a child"

I truly hope that our program will gain your approval.

Mini Klub Angol-Magyar Magánóvoda és Bölcsőde:
1046 Budapest, Jósika u. 5.
Telefon: +36-20-512-8968


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